Principal’s Desk


The proficiency of the faculty is a must for the progress of student. We have  the team of well-qualified and complete academic faculty for the benefit of the students. Discipline is the main pool center of the educational processes. It is a must  for students as well as teachers. We are the producers of the future teachers so the devotion, sincerity and  honesty with punctuality from teachers is the basic necessity for the ufliftment of the institute through the common efforts of teachers and pupil teachers.

The formula for this is :Skill+ Will = Kill. To kill the social evils, an efficient and skilled teacher must take an initiative with emerging will power through proper education to modify the students behavior. We welcome all the students joining Tagore Shikshak Prashikshan Sansthan Reengus(Sikar-Raj.)

Dr. Pushplata Sharma